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Bento #27

Finally another bento. I didn’t feel like taking a picture last night when I made so I took a quick pic before I ate it at work.


I used my Bentgo container to pack my lunch and snacks for today.

Soooo what do we have here?

Top tier:

Baby carrots, cherry tomatoes, strawberries, and cucumber slices.

Bottom Tier:

Half of a pita with deli turkey and lettuce and a string cheese.

The small container has a little bit of cottage cheese. And I had an apple that’s not pictured.

In case you missed the last few bentos, you can check them out: Bento #25 and Bento #26.

Random Rumblings - Sept. 18, 2014

Here’s a few confessions and random things that have popped up in my head over the last day or two.

1.) I just turned 30 and I’m not sure how I feel about it yet.

2.) My neighbor’s dog is barking/howling right now. They let him do this at all hours of the day and night for anywhere from 10-30 minutes at a rip.  They let him out in their back yard, he does his business, then goes to the back door and doesn’t shut up.  It annoys me two doors down, how can it not annoy them??

3.) I’ve been needing a haircut for foreverrrrr.  I’m so frumpy and boring.

4.) I’m watching the E! True Hollywood Story of Joan and Melissa Rivers and I can’t believe Joan is gone!  She was so funny! :(

5.) I’m in denial that summer is over.  Even though it’s September and the nights and mornings are chilly, and the sun sets earlier. From inside I see the sunshine during the day and pretend it’s still hot out.

6.) That being said, I refuse to have Pumpkin Spice anything until October. Although I did try Saranac’s Pumpkin Ale and it was quite delicious!


(I took that in front of my pool to further my denial that summer is over.  Pool open = summer.)

7.) Did you know the word LASER is an acronym for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation?

8.) I took that Saranac picture on Sunday, and Tuesday we closed the pool.  :(

9.) I watch Nickoledeon’s Nick at Nite. Don’t judge, who doesn’t like Friends and Full House re-runs?

10.) The light bulb in my bedside table has been out for months and I just haven’t bothered to replace it.

Bento #26

I made lunch for tomorrow, but I’ll probably just eat it for breakfast when I get to work since tomorrow we have some ‘appreciation BBQ’ during lunch.  And on a really random side note, if my dog doesn’t stop jumping up at the counter where I just made my lunch I’m gonna lose it!  There’s no food up there anymore!

So to get back on track, I made a Lock & Lock bento with cut up string cheese, cherry tomatoes, and a sandwich on a stick. I made it using my flower pampered chef cutters and stamped out an Arnold Sandwhich Thin and deli turkey.

  And in case you missed the last two posts, here’s Bento #24 and Bento #25.

Bento #25

It’s almost midnight and I should totally be going to bed and not making my lunch and posting pictures of it.  Oh well!  Here’s tomorrow’s lunch:


Top tier:

Triangle turkey sandwiches made with my Pampered Chef cutters, and cucumbers. Believe it or not I was able to squeeze all those triangles out of only one piece of bread. #CuttingCarbs. I’m not one of those ‘no carb’ people, but if I can cut it down a bit, especially white bread, I’ll do it.

Bottom tier:

One cut up string cheese, baby carrots, and tomatoes.

Overall pretty healthy, I’d say and hopefully it’s more filling than today’s lunch.

Bento #24

Hello followers… hello?  Do I actually have any followers?  Probably not.  Hahahaha!  Anyway, I’m here with another bento for tomorrow. It looks like not enough food, and it probably isn’t, but it’s what I had.


Here in my Lock & Lock we have a half of a turkey sandwich made with my Pampered Chef square cutter, cut up string cheese, cherry tomatoes, and cucumbers cut with one of my small vegetable cutters.  And let me just tell you something, just an FYI, the cucumbers took entirely too long to cut like this.  I cut a six inch cucumber in slices and then punched four or five little flowers out of each slice.  Cute? Yes. Worth it? Eh, the jury’s still out. I think if I cut some carrots like this for some homemade soup it would be cool. I have hearts and squares and all sorts of other cutters, I guess that’s something to think about down the road if I ever make soup. Stop laughing, it could happen!

Bento #23

Holy cow, I haven’t written a post in so long!  I’ve been so busy and haven’t really been making lunches for work, I’ve been totally slacking!  Me and The Hubs went grocery shopping tonight so I thought I’d take the opportunity to make a bento in my Rove Bistro Box.


Left triangle: Salad with cut up string cheese and cherry tomatoes

Right triangle: Deli turkey roll ups, half of an avocado sliced, more cherry tomatoe

Top square: Baby carrots with garlic hummus

Bottom square: Sliced cucumbers

I must say this lunch is really all over the place, I might just end up mixing it all together into one big salad. I’m apparently really out of practice, I was trying to figure out what to put in what section.

Stir Fry Soup

Allow me to explain the title.  I decided to give my new electric pressure cooker a try for the first time - ya know, since I got it this passed Christmas, it was about time.  I had chicken, stir fry veggies, and brown rice.  Basically I added too much liquid when I cooked the rice so it went from being regular stiry fry to stiry fry soup.


Those chopsticks were more or less for visual affect because after about two (attempted) bites it just wasn’t happening.  I mean yeah, you use chopsticks when you’re eating at sushi restaurant to impress your friends and to avoid looking like an inept American in front of the the Asian owners. But when you’re at home, sitting on the couch, watching Full House reruns with the dog just go a head and grab that fork.

So maybe I need some more practice with the pressure cooker and the proper amounts of liquid, but overall, the chicken was moist and had great flavor, the vegetables were tender, and it was overall delicious!

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